Key business updates July 2022

by Paul Acton - Chief Business Officer

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Guernsey Fibre continues to progress well, and customer feedback has been really encouraging. I am particularly pleased to see many businesses signing up for the new service, reflecting how we are pioneering the digital transformation of our customers’ business lives. Sure continues to lead the Crown Dependencies into a new digital era and I couldn’t be prouder.

As always, cybersecurity remains a primary concern for all our clients, as sensitive digital data becomes more and more ubiquitous. Sure Business continues to keep our customers’ data as safe as possible by partnering with some of the most recognised and well-regarded partners on the market.

Sure Business has been expanding our team and hired only the best ICT professionals to provide our clients with trustworthy experts that make up our highly engaged professional team. I am pleased to welcome Grant Mossman to the team as Cybersecurity Consultant, who brings 20 years’ experience in this field, having most recently served as Head of Data Security for a prolific mental health charity. Grant will be an essential asset and I look forward to seeing how his expertise will translate into actionable solutions for our clients to ensure that their precious data remains safe.

Some of the many new products and solutions we have introduced include an enhanced version of our existing offering with DDoS protection, giving our customers an additional layer of protection from one of the most insidious forms of cyber-attack. Additionally, we’ve also enhanced our Cloud Voice software, giving our customers the ability to use their phones wherever they are, with an excellent service, through the power of the Cloud. The uptake on both these products has been very pleasing to see.

To ensure we stay abreast of the latest products and solutions, we have also hired Iain Davidson as Head of Enterprise Products. Having worked in IT roles across Guernsey’s financial services industry and the British Army, Iain is the ideal candidate to oversee the implementation of new products and solutions that meet the ever-evolving needs of our growing client base. He brings decades of valuable experience and a strong knowledge of the products and solutions best suited to our various clients.

Iain and Grant are not our only new starters, however, as we have accelerated our growth to expand our offering across multiple departments. I am pleased to welcome Fern Hill as Business Account Director, who will lend her extensive experience in the financial services industry and powerful communication abilities to forge powerful relationships with our customers.

Stephen Kenealy also joins the business as Head of Enterprise Sales, a role which will see him be responsible for managing and growing key business accounts, ranging from multi-national organisations that require extensive support, to small-medium enterprises (SMEs), which require a bespoke service.

We have also strengthened our Cisco offering by hiring Matt du Jardin, one of the only Cisco champions in the Channel Islands and a highly experienced ICT professional. Finally, we welcome Simon McKay-Mills to our Isle of Man office. As Enterprise Customer Success Manager, Simon will be working with customers to assess pain points, discuss their needs, and deliver solutions to meet those needs. He joins Sure Business after a varied career in project management.

Helping our local communities remains a priority for Sure Business, as well as our fantastic Sure Community Foundation, which continues to do good across the islands. Emphasising our commitment to local sport, we were once again the telecommunications partner for the Isle of Man TT, providing everything from radios to Wi-Fi connectivity. This year also marks 15 years of Sure in the Isle of Man, so being a part of such an essential event in the Isle of Man calendar was particularly special.

I am delighted to say that we also took home the Corporate Social Responsibility Award at the Guernsey Community Awards, demonstrating our steadfast commitment to helping local good causes. I want to give my thanks to every team member who volunteers their time to help the Foundation carry out their good work.

And a thank you to all our staff, partners, and customers for your continued support of Sure Business. I look forward to updating you in another three months on all the exciting activity we have coming up.

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