Private Circuits

Global reach meets island expertise. We can provide point-to-point connections locally and around the world.

Our point-to-point private circuits provide dedicated, always-on, fixed bandwidth connectivity between two points; allowing your business to transport data, internet or voice traffic.

Private circuits  are incredibly cost effective, particularly if you tend to exchange large volumes of data between your company's sites or with a valued business partner.

Depending on which island you are based, both Ethernet or Fibre Channel connections can be used. Please download our factsheet of the specifications for your local connectivity options.


Key Features

  • Connect computers and information systems enabling data transfer for real time applications
  • Link separate local area networks (LANs) to create large LANs or wide area networks (WANs)
  • Replicate data off-site for disaster recovery and business continuity purposes
  • Connect securely to other companies, information providers or data networks



  • No hidden costs, budgeting is easy as the service is based on a fixed price
  • Dedicated bandwidth between the locations for secure connections
  • Availability and repair times backed up by our service level guarantees
  • Service is delivered over a resilient, carrier class, core network backed by local engineering support
  • Flexibility, Ethernet or Fibre Channel provide simple and cost-effective upgrade paths for extra bandwidth
  • Create solutions with increased network resilience by using multiple private circuits
  • Scalable to meet any future bandwidth needs

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