Security Consultation

Why Security Consultancy? 

Without consulting, you could waste time and money testing or protecting the wrong assets. ​At Sure Business we are able to offer consultation both directly and using our partners to optimize your security strategy​. Our professional services team will set out the roadmap relevant to your business.


Security Colony (Trustwave)

The Security Colony provides a wealth of best practice knowledge to keep your IT related assets secure. The basic service enables you to calculate your own risk score, while more advanced services enable extensive resources including video content, maturity modelling tools, vendor risk assessments, breach monitoring and alerting data, public and private security forums, access to high level security expertise, and document reviews.

Virtual Ciso (Trustwave)

Virtual CISO offers flexible and fractional access to a senior security consultant, who acts as a single point of contact for your entire organisation. They get to know your organisation in depth, with the aim of becoming a trusted advisor.

Features include:

  • On hand trusted advisor with proven hands-on delivery experience
  • Access Trustwave specialists through a single point of contact
  • Fully flexible, incorporating remote and on-site delivery models

Information Security Advisor (Trustwave)

The Information Security Advisor provides access to security expertise, while delivering enhanced service management for your security strategy. The Independent Security Advisor provides a point of contact for security related issues and delivers analytical support for supported tools. To ensure a robust security posture, the ISA also coordinates meetings, maintains security run books and delivers reporting based threat intelligence and recommendations based on data gained from tools, threat data and dark web monitoring. 

PCI Assessments (Trustwave & Cisco)

We offer a portfolio of PCI Compliance services using our partners to cover every aspect to help you achieve and maintain compliance. Consultancy led services using PCI specific tools enable you to fill the gaps to achieve and maintain certification.

The service offering is a combination of assessment, workshop, education and help in certification, both through fixed scope of work or time and effort. The services can be either on or off site. 

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