Internet Connectivity

Thousands of companies choose Sure Business because we offer excellent value and outstandingly reliable internet connections.

Today's business depends on reliable, high speed internet, that's why we have a range of internet connectivity products that will fit your business needs, with the support you would expect from a business-class service.

There are two ways to connect to Sure's internet network; IP Feed or broadband.

Which is best for your business depends on your usage, if for example you mainly retrieve content from the internet then our Pro Broadband would be sufficient for your needs. However if you serve content from your premises, such as email or web, then upload speed will be critical to performance and IP Feed may be a better fit.

Key Features

IP Feed

IP Feed offers an un-contended, symmetric, scalable and highly resilient internet service delivered over a private circuit connection to your business premises, or directly to your rack in one of Sure's data centres.

IP Feed provides a permanently connected symmetric internet connection that is dedicated exclusively for your use. It provides constant high capacity access to the internet together with a business class SLA, supporting your businesses connectivity and e-business requirements.

  • Scalable: variety of bandwidths available.
  • Resilient: internet services are connected to multiple global backbone providers.
  • Flexible: the option for 'burstable' bandwidth allows your internet service to use additional bandwidth during periods of unexpected activity.


Broadband Pro

For smaller businesses who need to keep costs low but need a higher performing broadband connection than our standard home broadband provides, Broadband Pro is an ideal solution.

It enables you to download and upload large files faster, or even build a small network, while giving you the peace-of-mind that your costs are controlled, as all usage is unlimited.  

  • Superior performance: lower contention available than home broadband (i.e. how much your internet connection is shared with other customers)
  • Optional fixed IP address: used for remote access to your PC, hosting a website or server or running CCTV. 
  • Business level support

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