Wholesale Carrier Services

We provide a range of wholesale services, including Sure landlines, broadband, leased lines (local/national/international) and mobile termination. 


Sure's Wholesale Carrier Services team is here to support other telecoms providers in fulfilling their operational connectivity and service requirements, in addition to us ensuring that we can procure robust and low cost, off-net connectivity solutions for our own customers. We provide a full range of wholesale services, to best ensure that we can fulfil all inter-operator business needs.

Channel Islands Mobile Termination Rates (MTRs)


03/07/20: JERSEY MTRs

On 01/08/20 the regulated rate for mobile termination on Sure's Jersey network will reduce from 4.11ppm to 3.11ppm. www.jcra.je/media/598227/t1394gj-mobile-termination-rates-final-notice-jersey.pdf


30/07/20: GUERNSEY MTRs

On 01/09/20 the regulated rate for mobile termination on Sure’s Guernsey network will reduce from 4.11ppm to 3.11ppm. www.gcra.gg/media/598255/t1394gj-mobile-termination-rates-statutory-notice-of-final-decision.pdf 


For all inter-operator related enquiries please email: paul.sheward@sure.com