Security Education & Training

The best technology based cyber solution will not mitigate risks of users accidentally or maliciously compromising Business intellectual property​

Education services are geared towards the CxO down to ensure businesses are aware of the very latest cyber threats​

Sure Business offer a range of Security awareness training programmes through our partners to keep your business up to date with the latest trends, and risks that may impact your business. Training can be tailored to all levels, ensuring your entire business is able to keep your business secure, and compliant.

Our services 

The Secure Awareness Education and Secure Development Training can be offered both remotely and locally, and in the case of continual education can be provided online to ensure your business can keep track of the level of each person. 

Cybersecurity Awareness Training (Mimecast)

Mimecast’s unique tried and tested methodology focuses on the main areas of human vulnerability.

Hollywood-worthy training videos focus on the most prevalent security awareness topics and the training modules build into a single holistic platform that drives awareness, radically changes behaviours and lowers your security risk.

Taking just a few minutes of employee time each month, we make significant improvements to your organisation's security awareness and preparedness.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training (Trustwave)

Trustwave Cybersecurity Executive Training offers programs and services that help executive teams learn to make risk-based decisions and develop best practices in crisis communications.

Crisis scenario simulations that use role-playing and tabletop exercises to train for risk-based decision-making and crisis communications.

Trainers who are practitioners and specialists in the fields of cybersecurity, risk management and crisis communications.

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