Private Cloud

Infrastructure as a Service 


Our Private Cloud solutions offer private isolated IaaS to meet your specific requirements all in our island data centres. 

Private Cloud is ideal if you are looking for a solution engineered to meet their own specific needs. Maintaining the same easy to use user interface, a Private Cloud solution offers cost effective and tailored Cloud, Backup and Recovery to meet regulatory, performance, security, and availability requirements of your business

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Private Cloud Features

Built around you

Our private cloud solutions can be completely designed to match your business needs. 

All elements relating to compute, storage, backup and archive and high availability can be tailored to meet your server, application and data needs.

Cost effective

Options include both monthly payments over contract term for the entire solution, or tailored commercial options based on underlying platform, software, and support.

The solutions are designed to scale up and scale out on a component and workload level.

Secure and Resilient

Private cloud is deployed in our on island data centres is designed with zero single points of failure from the ground up. Additional security and availability can be engineered in at both hardware and software level. Data, both at rest and in transit is encrypted to ensure your data stays protected. The resource clusters can scale out in resiliency to ensure that even a complete single Jersey, Guernsey or Isle of Man island failure would not prevent the service from running.

High performance compute and storage

Compute and Storage can be tailored to address nearly every type of workload. Irrespective of whether you are running data intensive ERP systems, or internal CPU and GPU based devops solutions, the Compute and Storage can be tailored to meet those needs.

Full control

Our Cloud portal gives you control of every aspect of the Private Cloud, including administration, reporting, software defined networking, operating system and application templates, resource pool control, backup and Recovery as a Service.

100% SLA's

Our contractual SLAs make cloud suitable for more traditional enterprise businesses who cannot tolerate downtime for any given service.

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