Human Risk Management

Human Risk Management is a security risk methodology that ensures that businesses can understand, reduce and monitor their employee centric cyber risk.

Businesses are continuing to invest in technologies to address their vulnerabilities, however attackers have intensified their efforts on the most vulnerable entry point, employees.

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How to reduce human risk 

Identify workforce cyber risks and behaviours

Continuously monitor cloud applications and analyse threat intelligence feeds to identify a wide range of cyber risks caused by employees.

Understand risks and behaviours

Explore the human risks being identified, how they change over time and how they compare with similar organisations. Risk scored identify people needing additional support.

Empower employees to behave securely

Deploy simple tools to help people stay secure and help prevent breaches

Reduce risky behaviours by using insights

Use data insights and intelligence to drive highly automated security awareness and security coaching programmes that improve a
wide range of employee security behaviours

Automate workflows

Prevent risky employee security behaviours becoming security incidents by automatically triggering workflows to react instantly
when a human risk event occurs


Rapidly triage any security incident involving employees, from phishing reports to personal data exposure

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