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Sure Business supplies world-class communications services to businesses and public-sector clients. Our combination of local knowledge and global expertise makes us the perfect communications partner for companies in the islands that need high quality, reliable connectivity so they can do business throughout the world.


Sure has over 120 years of experience providing telecoms services in the Channel Islands; We have come a very long way since, as the States of Guernsey Telephone Department, we were tasked with establishing an independent telephone system in the island. That network was limited to a maximum of 400 subscribers. Today, we serve over 100,000 people across the Channel Islands and Isle of Man, delivering voice, mobile, broadband and data services that link islanders and island businesses to the rest of the world.

In April 2013, we were acquired by Beyon, a technology group, born in Bahrain to reach out to the region and beyond. The group of companies brings technology closer to people and businesses with best-in-class connectivity and digital solutions. In addition to the Sure’s operations in The Channel Islands, Diego Garcia, St. Helen, Ascension Island, and the Falkland Islands, the Beyon group of companies includes subsidiaries and affiliates in other locations including Bahrain, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the Maldives, Yemen and Egypt.


 In July 2014, Sure acquired the Jersey-based data centre service provider, Foreshore as an ideal complement to our own successful data centre offering in Guernsey. The acquisition of Foreshore strengthens Sure’s enterprise portfolio by enabling us to offer on-island data centre hosting and a range of leading, innovative Cloud Services from two islands, thereby increasing resilience and the security of our data centre services.

From 1 January 2017, Sure's operations in the Channel Islands and Isle of Man and in the South Atlantic and Diego Garcia have been managed as one group, headquartered in Guernsey.


Sure operates in Guernsey as the incumbent telecoms operator and in Jersey and the Isle of Man as a competing provider.

Sure (Guernsey) Limited is licensed to provide telecommunications services to the Bailiwick of Guernsey (Guernsey, Alderney, Sark and Herm). Many of the services currently provided are regulated by the Guernsey Competition & Regulatory Authority ‘GCRA’ (

We are currently deemed to hold significant market power in the provision of fixed and mobile telecommunications services (with the exception of retail on-island leased lines and both wholesale and retail off-island leased lines).

We offer a range of network interconnection links and voice services to other operators, for which a Reference Offer is provided.

Guernsey Reference Offer

To help facilitate and support competition we provide cost based interconnection facilities to other Guernsey licensed operators. The availability of this information is restricted and requires access to Sure’s Wholesale Customers' Portal.

Requests for access to this portal should be made to Sure’s Head of Carrier Services


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