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Flexible Working

Having the ability to work from anywhere at any time is now a key requirement for most of today’s businesses. Working flexibly allows your teams to stay productive wherever they and work when its most convenient.

Having the tools to work remotely also ensures that your employees can collaborate effectively whatever happens. From adverse weather to childcare responsibilities, innovative communications technology can help.

Organisations are becoming less office centric in the drive for efficiency and sustainability so having the infrastructure to support staff at home, on the move or at remote sites is essential.

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Unified Communications

Unified communications merge together communication types such as; instant messaging, phone, video and audio conferencing into one application across desktop and mobile. It enables greater productivity as employees can collaborate using a suite of applications which allow sharing, discussion and editing of content in a fully multimedia environment.

At Sure we have everything that you need to create a flexible digital workplace.

Why use our flexible working solutions?

Cost savings

By enabling remote working you can increase office utilisation, reduce travel and optimise technology costs.


Flexible working ensures that your teams can be effective wherever they are.

Support your people

Creating a flexible working environment can improve work/life balance and retain staff.


Unified communications improve your ability to respond to unexpected events and ensures business continuity.

Customer service

Staff can quickly respond to customer enquiries wherever they are.


Reducing commuting can help cut your carbon footprint.

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Digital Workplace

Bringing together the optimal blend of people and technology is the key to business productivity and employee satisfaction.


Protecting your business and staff from cyber-attacks is critical. We have a full suite of services to prevent malicious attacks, secure your email and train your teams to spot and mitigate threats.


Our services are hosted in our own offshore private cloud. In addition, we can connect your business to all the major public cloud providers.


Whether you are on the move, at home or in the office our range of services from fixed and mobile broadband to high-speed fibre will keep you connected.


Ensuring that your teams have easy access to relevant information and can instantly work will colleagues, ensures greater customer responsiveness.


We have the full range of voice services to allow you to be productive wherever you are. From conferencing to IP voice and mobility solutions we’ll keep you talking.

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