Our new CyberGraph add-on is an email security service from Mimecast that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to learn email behaviours, flag suspicious emails and mitigate attacks.

CyberGraph uses AI to limit an attacker’s information gathering capabilities. It detects highly targeted email threats and empowers users to act.

The service combines three key technologies to protect from targeted email threats:

  • Email tracker protection
  • Identity graph machine learning
  • Dynamic contextual banners embedded in emails

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Our Services: 

We offer extensive protection services that comprehensively mitigate today’s email security threats.​

Email tracker prevention

Disarms trackers embedded in emails, halting the accidental disclosure of information that could be used by cyber criminals to craft a social engineering attack.

Identity graph technology powered by machine learning

Detects anomalous behaviours that could be indicative of a malicious email.

Contextual warning banners

Embedded in suspicious emails utilising crowdsourced intelligence and colour coding to inform and empower users at the point of risk.

Misaddressed email protection

Uses AI to identify and prevent accidental data loss caused by employees sending emails to the incorrect recipient. Uses intelligent warnings to stops mistakes from becoming security incidents.

Why Sure

Our service protects against sophisticated, highly targeted email attacks by limiting reconnaissance and intelligence gathering which renders email trackers useless. It uses historic data to identify anomalies that could be indicative of a malicious email.

Unlike other systems it displays dynamic warning banners across all similar emails as new threat intelligence becomes available. The dynamic nature of the banners ensures that users take much more notice of the warnings.

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