NetFlow Traffic Analysis

Your IP bandwidth is valuable. NetFlow traffic analysis monitors your network, discovers traffic patterns and identifes users and applications using bandwidth to optimise your network's performance.


With our NetFlow traffic analysis, we can give you real-time knowledge of what is happening within your network for full visibility of how your service is being used. You can then use the data to diagnose performance issues, optimise network performance and undertake policing of users.

Key features

  • Clearer visibility of your network
  • Respond faster to issues for faster troubleshooting
  • Optimise your QoS policy
  • 24/7 web interface for your performance metrics
  • Find "band-width hogs" to optimise performance
  • Identify malicious traffic
  • Cisco Meraki interfaces for monitoring your wireless environment
  • Wireless optimisation to keep your wireless network running smoothly

Options for accessing NetFlow traffic analysis

NetFlow traffic analysis is available as a standalone option or can be combined with our Network Management or Network Monitoring services.

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