Email and Web Security 

Protecting email and web services is mission critical, it’s the main attack vector for cyber criminals. There are 4,500 successful cyber breaches in the UK each day, and for businesses the average cost of an attack is over £3 million*

Keeping email safe continues to be among the biggest challenges IT and security teams face. From business email compromise and spear phishing to weaponized attachments and malicious URLs, there are so many ways for attackers to get in – and those tactics change and get more sophisticated all the time. The simple fact remains that securing email is one of the most important steps organizations can take to safeguard against business disruption, data loss, and financial damage.

The web is clearly a critical tool for organisations of all types and sizes, and its usage grows by the day. Unfortunately, so do the risks. Bring-your-own-device, the anytime and anywhere workplace, and the unrelenting volume of activity make protecting the web an ever-evolving challenge.


*Data breaches cost UK enterprises an average of $3.88 million per breach, according to IBM and Ponemon's Cost of a Data Breach study. That's slightly lower than the global average of $3.92 million.

Our Services: 

We offer comprehensive testing services both directly through our partners to meet almost every business and requirement need. 

MailMarshal (Trustwave)

Trustwave's MailMarshal is the magnifying glass that helps security teams bring into focus, identify and thwart uber-sophisticated inbound attacks that exploit companies through their ever-expanding user endpoints. MailMarshal stops inbound phishing or social engineering attacks, malicious attachments and ransomware attacks while scrutinizing outbound email traffic to prevent loss of your sensitive data and intellectual property.

Email Security (Mimecast)

Mimecast's Advanced Email Security with Targeted Threat Protection is a set of cloud services designed to provide next generation protection against advanced email borne threats, using multiple, sophisticated detection engines and a diverse set of threat intelligence sources. 

Web Security (Mimecast)

Mimecast Web Security protects against malicious web activity initiated by user action or malware and blocks business-inappropriate websites based on customer configured policies and Mimecast's threat intelligence capabilities.

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