Harness the power of Microsoft Teams 

The rise of Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft Teams helps businesses easily implement hybrid working, drives operational productivity and improves customer experience. It easily integrates the familiar Microsoft Office 365 applications with collaboration, voice and video communications to deliver a seamless digital experience across the organisation.

This enables a single, standard platform across your business, which provides a flexible environment for employees and an extremely powerful tool for internal and external communications. We are Microsoft Teams specialists and we can ensure that your business fully benefits from the excellent collaboration environment.

We combine world class cloud and telecoms solutions that can help your business get ahead – and stay there.

Not already using Teams?

Implementing a company-wide collaboration platform may seem like a daunting task. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure that implementing Teams across your business is a success.

  • Microsoft Expertise

We have a team of certified consultants that have deep experience of implementing Microsoft applications. We can recommend the right solutions to improve communications and drive productivity for your business.

  • Enable Remote Working

Ensuring that your employees can benefit from Microsoft Teams wherever they are means greater productivity for your business and a better work-life balance for your staff.
Our network, security and Teams implementation experience will ensure a seamless work experience from home and in the office.

  • Ensuring Adoption

Making sure that you get the most out of Teams is critical for a successful Teams implementation. Once you’re set up with Teams, we can help you drive internal adoption and benefit from a sustainable culture of collaboration and communication which delivers long term business value.

Are you getting the most out of Teams?

Teams is essentially free for businesses with Microsoft 365 licences and during the pandemic many organisations deployed this technology to enable their employees to remain productive. However, in some cases this rapid implementation introduced security vulnerabilities and network quality wasn’t a consideration.

We can help you get the most from your Teams platform by auditing your existing installation and making recommendations for security and network changes if required.

  • Secure Remote Working

Ensuring that your employees can benefit from Microsoft Teams while maintaining the levels of security experienced in the office is essential. We can deliver cost effective and secure remote connectivity to ensure that your people can benefit wherever they are.

  • Teams Applications

Teams can deliver so much more than great collaboration. We can help you discover the range of native Teams applications from forms to workflow and approvals that can deliver instant productivity gains.

  • Manage and protect your Teams data

Microsoft Teams is an exciting new platform for communications, but it can present security and regulatory challenges if not properly managed.
We can ensure that all your Teams interactions are recorded and archived to ensure that you can minimise risk and still benefit from greater employee productivity.

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