Voice Conferencing

You can save time and money with our high-quality voice conferencing system. Sure’s voice conferencing systems remove the need to travel to meetings, freeing you up to get more out of your day.  


Our easy-to-use voice conferencing enables you to host high-quality voice conference calls, 24/7 with no recurring charges. Gather groups of people together efficiently on the telephone, while reducing travel time, costs and your carbon footprint.

Anyone with access to a telephone can join your conference, meaning you’re not limited to inviting just those using your company’s systems. This makes it ideal for companies with work-from-home employees, a mobile workforce or third parties they need to hold conference calls with.

How it works

There’s two ways to access the service, pre-booked or on-demand.

Whichever you choose, the meeting host will be provided with PIN numbers to distribute to participants. At the time of the meeting both the meeting host and meeting participants simply dial a local telephone number and enter their PINs. Guernsey, Jersey and Isle of Man pre-fixes are available.

Compare your options:


In this instance you will need to call or email the Sure Contact Centre in advance to make a booking for the date and time you want to hold your meeting and obtain your one-time PIN codes.


  • Lower cost per minute compared to the on-demand service at 10p/minute for the host.
  • Available to hold meetings 24/7, subject to pre-booking.


  • You will need to contact Sure before your call to book.
  • £30 set up fee applied per call.
  • All your participants will dial the Guernsey, Jersey or Isle of Man number as applicable, and will be charged at their local operator's rates for the call. This can make it expensive for those participants dialling internationally.

Set up:

When you are ready to set up your first conference call simply call the Sure Contact Centre on 01481 722271 or contact@sure.com with your details:

  1. Name of company
  2. Name of person booking
  3. Number of participants
  4. Duration of conference
  5. Start time and date
  6. Account PIN Number (5 digits)

Please note 48 hours notice required if booking by email, please call if your meeting is sooner.


The meeting host will be provided with a fixed host and participant PIN which they can use whenever they need, on demand 24/7. Simply send the participant PIN to your attendees and agree a time directly with them – no need to contact Sure for each booking.   


  • Total control over when you hold you hold your meeting, available for you 24/7 without having to notify us in advance.
  • No set up fee per meeting.


  • Slightly more expensive than the pre-booked option at 18p/minute for the host.
  • All your participants will dial the Guernsey, Jersey or Isle of Man number as applicable, and will be charged at their operator’s rates for calls to that number. This can make it expensive for those participants dialling in from international destinations.


Please contact your account manager who will set up your service and provide you with your unique PIN


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