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Sure Business has enhanced its cybersecurity offering by partnering with two highly regarded industry platforms, Cyber Tec Security and CultureAI. These strategic partnerships expand Sure Business’s portfolio of cybersecurity products and provide its customers with high-level protection from cyber threats.

Cyber Tec Security runs the UK government-backed cybersecurity certification Cyber Essentials, which gives participants a working knowledge of cybersecurity best practice and equips them with the tools to protect their organisations.

CultureAI provides end-to-end human risk management to enable security and awareness teams to go beyond awareness training and reduce cyber risks created across the workforce. Through a combination of data-driven security coaching, automated interventions and nudges, the tool empowers users to prevent breaches, and not cause them.

Paul Acton, Chief Business Officer at Sure Business said of the partnership: “Our focus in 2023 will be on continuing to provide the latest and best cybersecurity technology and solutions for our customers. We know the importance of enabling small and medium enterprises especially to quickly adapt to using advanced software, and these new relationships will enrich our clients’ experience.

“Achieving the Cyber Essentials certification is a great first step for our customers in their cybersecurity journey. We are confident that this affordable solution will give them the peace of mind that their business is secure, with all aspects of their data and assets protected.”

Louise Ralston, Director of Operations at Cyber Tec Security said: “Our mission is to make sure no one is vulnerable to a cyber-attack and we strive to ensure our products and processes are accessible to everyone, no matter how technically oriented you are. We want to ensure the UK is one of the safest places to live and do business online, and our partnership with Sure Business allows us to expand this goal to reach other jurisdictions too.”

Sure Business continues to raise awareness of cybersecurity threats and educate businesses on the importance of protecting their data and systems. By partnering with leading vendors and offering a range of services and resources, Sure Business will be able to assist businesses in all aspects of cybersecurity and help them stay one step ahead of any potential threats.

James Moore, Chief Executive Officer at CultureAI said: “Over 90% of cyber security breaches start with human error, with traditional security awareness training proving ineffective at reducing this risk. This partnership helps us get our technology into the hands of Sure’s clients to enable them to manage human risk much more effectively, reducing the likelihood of breaches whilst making employees feel more supported and secure both in and out of work.”

Sure Business has established relationships with multiple market-leading partners including Mimecast, Trustwave and Microsoft in order to provide its business customers with the best solutions available.

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