Sure Business proud to support Golf 19 Guernsey

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"We are very proud to support such a fantastic island attraction and Guernsey's leading driving range. Our innovative solution was designed to keep the business connected to the community and provide a high-tech customer experience to encourage more islanders
and tourists to enjoy the sport. Guernsey Golf is a fantastic example of digital transformation in action."

Alistair Beak, Sure Group CEO

Sure business are proud to continue supporting  Golf 19 Guernsey as their technology partner to improve their connectivity, customer experience and voice systems. 

For Guernsey Golf Limited (Golf19) to achieve its aim of revolutionising golf on the island, they needed to work with a technology partner that could offer cutting-edge communications infrastructure and support their vision. They understood that to return the golf course to its former glory and attract more golfers, technological solutions were vital.

From the outset, we forged a technology partnership with Golf19. This expanded their communication and technical capabilities and significantly contributed to the success of the business.


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