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Located on the outskirts of St Martins, Chertsey House is a general dental practice providing everything from check-ups, x-ray imaging and routine fillings to advanced treatments such as teeth whitening, orthodontics, crowns and implants. Their focus is on delivering the most appropriate dental care for adults and children using the best equipment and materials available, so when the time came to modernise their telephony technology – Sure Business was the perfect partner to help.  

As the healthcare industry becomes more intertwined with technology, clinics like Chertsey House are considering how they can modernise to continue to best serve their patients. When Chertsey House approached Sure Business, we understood the importance of trust to their business. Patients need to not only trust the practitioners, but also the tools and technology they use to implement the highest standard of care.

Chertsey House used a static telephone system, restricting communication to the desk-based reception. Account Manager Ashley Conquest visited the site to fully assess which solutions would be best suited to this organisation’s unique needs.

Ashley said: “The first step of working with any new client is to make a visit and profile their business. This gives us a comprehensive and inside understanding of how that business works, and what their key aims and priorities are. It became obvious with Chertsey House that as an essential healthcare service, the installation of unwavering and reliable tech was paramount, as was the need for reliable remote contact for use in case emergency care is required.

“Our Sure Cloud Voice system fit the needs of the client perfectly. This enabled wireless voice calls over the internet as well as software allowing users to make on-the-go calls also over the internet via a computer or smartphone. This gives them all the features of a desk phone but with a much more expanded range for convenience.

Our fully managed Cloud Voice software saves space, is easy to use and can be turned on and off whenever it’s needed, ensuring emergency lines can stay open.”

Paul Frank of Chertsey House reflected on his experience working with Sure: “The installation process itself was seamless and Sure’s services have far exceeded our expectations. They’ve brought us up to speed with the addition of the Cloud Voice software, giving us  the peace of mind that we can be reached by our customers in the daytime and  in the case of an emergency wherever we are, without making any drastic changes to the practice. Ashley and the team were a pleasure to work with and also brought us the additional reassurance with their 24/7 support on the account.”

Sure Business works with you to understand your business needs so you can get on with what’s really important. With Sure’s expert help, Chertsey House can concentrate on delivering first-class healthcare with efficiency, confident in the knowledge that their IT is taken care of.

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