Covid Driven Flexible Workplace

Research into workplace behaviours during Covid shows that adoption of digital technology has been hugely accelerated by the pandemic. It seems many businesses have been pushed over the technology tipping point - transforming business forever.

The move to flexible working was happening well before the pandemic, but according to research, Covid has advanced digital workplace transformation by 5 years in under 12 months.

Thought leaders have always highlighted the absurdity of the daily rush into offices to work at PCs all day long, whilst traditionalists have distrusted flexible working productivity and workforce empowerment claims.

Our evolving hybrid working environment suggests the sweet spot lies somewhere between the two, and the most significant business benefits from our enforced flexible working include:

Employee Productivity
Research has shown that over 60% of organisations have seen an improvement in profitability, and over 80% report an increase in employee productivity due to flexible and remote working. 

Morale and Motivation
Improved ‘work life balance’ boosts employee morale, and a motivated workforce will always deliver an enhanced customer experience. Flexible working is a valued component of corporate life and as such, employees are 50% less likely to leave for another employer.

Flexible multi-channel Contact Centres
Contact centre agents are working remotely with full access to company systems and information. Fixed / mobile integration, IP telephony, and softphone technologies, along with IVR call handling, dynamic call-routing and multi-channel contact options connect customers to the most appropriate agents, whether they are working in the office or at home. 

Cloud Enablement
Being able to access all the information and systems needed to work as effectively at home as you do in the office is a major cloud computing benefit. Authenticated access to secure cloud-based company systems when we are away from the office, has transformed the way we work.

Increased Mobility and a Work Anywhere Culture
Accessing business systems from mobile devices as well as desktops keeps people productive wherever they are on whatever device. Practical and enforceable security policies are protecting organisations across the entire digital workplace.

Enhanced Security
Whilst the world moves through phases of lockdown, cybercriminals are busy working to exploit loopholes in corporate security. Robust multi-layered cyber security services that extend beyond traditional perimeters protect systems and data, as well as providing business continuity assurance in the event of an attack.

Re-invigorating the Office
Replacing previously dedicated workspaces to accommodate flexible working options can make the office a more employee friendly place. Open plan hot-desking areas with communal breakout spaces and quiet rooms for more focused requirements are changing our working environments.

Extending Geographical Boundaries
The ability for employees to be located almost anywhere enables organisations to recruit people from further afield, boosting chances of finding exceptional talent and increasing workforce productivity and effectiveness.

Formalising DIY and Shadow IT Practices
When the corporate workplace fails to keep pace with tech advances - employees often create unofficial ‘shadow IT’ ways of working. Flexible working is here for the long haul, and it’s a great time to formalise temporary working practices with robust and supported industry leading communication and collaboration solutions.

Channel Island and Isle of Man businesses are aware that digital transformation is no longer a ‘nice to have’ for larger organisations. It’s affordable, simple and essential for all, and what matters most when making decisions is economic impact and long-term sustainability. Today’s Unified Communications and Collaboration services are secure, reliable and easy to use.

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