Why immutable storage is critical

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Enterprise Attacks - the Consequences are Serious

We’re all well aware that cyber security is a boardroom issue, and litigation against companies (and individuals) with sub-optimal, inadequate protection can prove terminal for some. Robust data security is one of the most critical requirements in today’s digital economy, as networks are constantly targeted and assaulted by a range of attack methodologies.

Without a secure and separated data backup process linked to business continuity, operational recovery and system restoration from an incident will be significantly more challenging, if not impossible. And it’s worth remembering that the law requires organisations to have robust and appropriate measures in place to protect against such incidents.

Secure immutable backup provides advanced levels of data protection using purpose-built infrastructure that renders the data tamper-proof - protecting against unwanted alterations or deletions. This is particularly important for organisations with sensitive data like financial and personally identifiable information, and those needing to adhere to strict compliance regulations.

Channel Islands Data Residency

Depending on an enterprise’s location, some cloud-based immutable storage services may not be an option if there are regulations around data residency and locality. Concerns about data processing and storage locations can deter some organisations from cloud solutions, and a reliance on legacy in-house infrastructure that’s no longer fit for purpose leaves you vulnerable to an attack.

But organisations operating in the Channel Islands need have no such concern, as they can take advantage of highly secure data storage and back-up services in secure, resilient, and replicated island-based datacentres offering state-of-the-art connectivity and security.

The Channel Islands Financial Services Authority recommends keeping an online (local) and offline copy of data to meet adequacy, and protecting what matters most is not about relying on vulnerable on-premise legacy servers. All our customers can now benefit from accessible immutable storage options tailored to meet specific business requirements.

Ease & Accessibility

IT departments are busier than ever, and a global shortage of ‘tech talent’ makes managing digital transformation increasingly challenging. Every bit of saved time counts, and our advanced storage services require no specialised training and have been designed for ease of use.

All types of data regardless of origin or operating system can be stored and updated in our immutable S3 storage solutions - that first encrypt and then store data in a totally secure format using a ‘write once read many’ approach.

Stored data cannot be damaged, modified, or tampered with in any way, and what may have been cost-prohibitive in the past is now an affordable ‘OpEx’ based ‘as-a-service’ solution, negating the need to purchase any storage hardware.


Businesses need to be confident their data back-ups are up to date and highly secure; and should an incident occur - data can be rapidly restored with minimal operational downtime and service disruption.  

With advanced security features, ease of use, rapid recovery options, and scalable, flexible deployment, Sure’s immutable storage and security solutions provide exceptional protection, value for money, and service functionality, along with guaranteed Channel Island data sovereignty.

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