Top 5 Benefits of S3 Immutable Data Storage

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The expansion of the digital economy is relentless as technology supports innovation and growth, all of which drives a continual need for secure data storage.

With ransomware attacks and cybercrime threats becoming ever more dangerous, organisations are turning to immutable storage to protect their data and information.
Immutable storage is for organisations who demand certainty that their business data is protected and secure at all times - no matter what the circumstances.

It transcends traditional storage by first encrypting and then storing data which cannot then be modified or tampered with in any way - it’s totally secure!

Leaving aside the technical detail - the top 5 business benefits of S3 Immutable Storage are:

Enhanced Data Security

Provides advanced level secure data storage through an extra layer of protection that makes changing or tampering with the data impossible. Only authorised personnel have access to the encrypted data. Immutable data stored with S3 back-up encryption prevents theft and malicious ransomware attacks.
Data Integrity & Compliance
Data is stored in a secure, encrypted, and tamper-proof format, meaning it cannot be modified, stolen, or deleted. This ensures the data remains accurate, reliable, and compliant with regulatory requirements, avoiding costly fines.

Cost Savings

The service eliminates the need for additional expensive backup systems and helps organisations lower costs by reducing the need to store multiple copies of their data. By making data immutable, companies can store a single ‘one truth’ copy of the data and use it for multiple purposes.

Continuous Protection & Faster Data Access

S3 enables faster access to the stored data, and by making data immutable, organisations have speedy authorised access to their data without having to worry about data corruption or loss. Immutable copies are created at set intervals by moving data from backup to the immutable tier and is therefore a trusted, secure, and on-going repository of an organisation’s data.

Business Continuity & Recovery

Immutable stored data protects organisations from the impact of system failure and security breaches, with assured business continuity as original data can be rapidly restored, protecting from the impacts of downtime, and meeting regulatory and compliance requirements. System flags move new data sets to the immutable tier according to agreed organisational time lines, enabling secure and continually updated data management.

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