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How our partnership with HPE & our Offshore Cloud solutions can benefit your business. 

We’ve teamed up with the best in the business in an exclusive partnership with global edge-to-Cloud company Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). Our core focus is to enhance and strengthen our offshore Cloud services to provide you with the very best service and products on the market.

We’ve given our customers an insight into what to expect from our partnership, by holding two Channel Island based events with the HPE experts, about what technology trends are on the imminent horizon. Here’s what we found out…

A data-driven world

What you might know today about data services, could indeed change tomorrow. We’re seeing that 87% of organisations want to be more data driven, and yet a mere 24% have actually created their own data-driven enterprises. With this divide growing, there’s an even bigger need for edge centric Cloud solutions.

With 50% of all data analysed never reaching the data centre, it’s no surprise that the biggest trend we’re seeing on a global scale is a shift from Cloud first, to Cloud everywhere, with many organisations seeking support locally from Cloud-enabled hybrid models. However, all this data across multiple operating models should be unified in one integrated model, for ease of control.

What HPE do is enable an accelerated rate of transformation, shifting the focus from infrastructure first, to a focus on analysing and controlling the data, rather than complex and long-winded upgrades. This brings enterprises insight across multi-Cloud and giving them choice, flexibility, and control.

Their patented HPE GreenLake model offers just this – a unified Cloud experience, packaged and offered as a financial model with managed capabilities that deliver a range of services, while putting your data first. All eyes are on boosting sustainability and this model focuses on efficiency by keeping technology in use for longer, upcycling and operating to minimise energy use and e-waste.

New capabilities can only be created with a merging of organisations with the same ethos, who know the importance of consistent testing and improvement, that’s why Sure Business integrates perfectly into an already impressive sales process.

To innovate, you must collaborate

In a rapidly changing digital world, the path to innovative success is no longer straight and narrow. What we now know is to innovate, collaboration with the right partners is key. In this evolving data landscape a more back-to-basics approach with less “technology for the sake of technology projects” is favoured. If you’ve got a strong, core business objective, everything should link back to this. It can sometimes be easy to lose focus among a host of different solutions, ideas, and practices. The answer? Returning to traditional architectural practices, with a relaxed approach to moving everything to the Cloud.

The new data landscape

Data as we know it is constantly on the move and lives everywhere. To organise and keep your data secure, sometimes keeping your data exactly where it is and analysing it at the source is best, which is why having a strong architectural system is so important.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is dominating the latest innovations in technology, but what does this really mean and how does it affect your business?

We’ve been using AI for a while now, whether that be in language translators, Sat Nav or smart speakers like Alexa, but this type of tech is relatively rudimentary. Now, Natural Language Processing is shaping our future in ways we can’t imagine. They can understand and generate a variety of outputs such as text, speech and code (think Alexa answering questions, or pulling data from different sources), perform arithmetic, and so much more. The possibilities are infinite, but all this intelligence requires time, a solid strategy and huge amounts of data, not to mention a sizable investment to sustain. A prime example would be the now infamous CHATGPT program, which cost billions of dollars to develop before it was even running.

Real benefit for your business

Sure Business are proud to partner with Hewlett Packard Enterprises, to innovate our products, strengthen our services and deliver outstanding technology with a clear strategy.

Our collaboration with HPE means we can provide a sustainably powered infrastructure and a trusted environment to store and process your data, in a zero-trust, high-availability platform that has been specifically engineered to reduce costs.


How our partnership with HPE & our Offshore Cloud solutions can benefit your business. 

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