Creating Cybersecurity Savvy Employees

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Turning your workforce into a human firewall of cybersecurity warriors is a smart idea – especially as over 90% of security breaches stem from human actions and mistakes. But this only happens when security awareness and training actually change behaviour!

3 Steps to Changing Workforce Security Behaviour

To help organisations boost levels of employee engagement, we’ve developed a 3-step employee security strategy that reduces cyber risk by changing workforce behaviours:

Commit to the vision

Start by committing to an innovative, tried and tested programme, that positively develops and changes workforce behaviour in a way that hasn’t been done before.

Our automated intelligence solution dynamically identifies and mitigates risky employee behaviours before they become real incidents. It works by continuously monitoring the workforce’s interaction with corporate applications and systems – reminding, coaching, and guiding them with security best practice and actions - whenever risky situations and activity occur.

Monitor & Measure Employee Behaviour

Security awareness programmes should shape and change employee behaviour to reduce the likelihood of security incidents. Being able to accurately measure individual employee behaviours through direct metrics from interaction with applications and systems is a transformative benefit for everyone. All employees have an individual risk score that’s automatically updated with real time behavioural data. This can be publicised to all, creating a culture of competitive awareness, or it can be confidentially used to identify risky employees and departments.

Link Behaviour to Business Benefits

In contrast to traditional training - results from companies using automated human risk protection show high levels of employee engagement, with significant improvements in digital behaviour and decision making in over 75% of employees.

Linking improved business performance to secure behaviour is a great way to continually engage the workforce, and although the link between secure behaviour, increased revenue, reduced risk, and brand protection is hard to prove, the programme works alongside formalised certification and accreditation schemes like Cyber Essentials, that enable companies to prove they take security seriously. Workforce risk score performance also enable leaders to reward employees who wouldn’t normally be recognised for exceptional performance.

We can optimise your Cybersecurity strategy. 

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