Co-Managed IT: Why partnering with an IT service provider makes perfect sense

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The workplace is evolving; organisations are under pressure to maintain an agile and effective IT infrastructure, not only capable of keeping up with fast-moving technology, but harnessing it to adapt, innovate, and grow. These expectations require a tooled-up IT department that can handle all manner of tasks, from daily maintenance to combating cybersecurity threats. However, many companies find with resources stretched thin, they struggle to meet even the simplest of demands.

Our Professional Services Consultant Michael Quittenden shares why co-managing your IT services could be the perfect solution for you and your business.

What are the common challenges businesses need help with?

One significant obstacle we often see is the scarcity of IT staff in a department, or lack of a department altogether. We understand that most small and medium-sized businesses have other, more pressing, business objectives, and dealing with something as (what can seem) trivial as IT can be low on priorities. But, when employees juggle a multitude of tasks, this can result in mistakes being made, slower responses to emerging challenges and potentially a decrease in concentration due to overwhelm. Another common issue businesses come to us with is the lack of enterprise-level IT tools and technologies, which are increasingly important for running an effective business.

How does Sure Business help and what do they offer?

The first step is learning about the business. We schedule a visit in person to profile the business and make sure we fully understand their strategy, what their core objectives are and what their expectations are for their IT. This gives us an insight into whether fully managed or co-managed services would be right for them.

We also take a full health check of their current IT set up and check that they have the appropriate licences in place and, if not, what solutions would be the most beneficial to the business. It’s also important to inspect the applications they currently use and ensure these are in line with data governance requirements.

Our main priority is ensuring the client has 24/7 support. Our ethos is providing you with tech that “just works”, and this goes for our support too. You can’t predict IT failure, so round-the-clock access to our team of IT specialists when you need them is paramount. Our team are available to offer guidance and possess a  wealth of that we aim to tailor to meet the client’s exact requirements, as we know that no two businesses are the same.  

What are the benefits of a managed IT service?

The biggest advantage of using a managed IT service is the flexibility we can offer. We can adapt and streamline our services to best suit the needs of the business; whether that be to fit in a required budget, to assist with the organisation’s growth or to be fully managed or co-managed. With Sure, efficiency and ease are at the heart of what we do, that’s why we give you unlimited access to our full stack of IT security and management solutions, freeing you of the worry of hiring the right people full-time, in-house. Ultimately, we’re the support behind the scenes, to help your business run efficiently and effectively.

What happens once Sure Business is on board?

Once we’re on board as your IT provider, we’re there for you 100%. Our support means we can ease your workload, and that your IT infrastructure is in safe hands. We believe in proactive, not reactive, support, aiming to seek out and mitigate any potential issues before they happen, leaving you and your business free to focus on what’s important.

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