Automated Employee Behaviour Security – NOT Spyware

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Collaborative security across the enterprise

Digital threats from cybercrime become ever more sophisticated, damaging hard earned reputations and jeopardising business survival. And with over 90% of cyber incidents resulting from human actions and mistakes, many organisations are turning to automated solutions to protect systems and data, by improving employee digital behaviour.

Hybrid working is now firmly embedded in business culture and concerns about flexible working productivity have gone away - but it’s a fact that working anywhere, on any device, without adequate protection increases vulnerability to cyber-attacks. 

New innovative solutions that automatically monitor and mitigate workforce behaviour across all tech stacks are transforming levels of employee security awareness, but some organisations are reluctant to deploy them because they think it may be misinterpreted as Spyware.

It isn’t Spyware

Non-malicious Spyware is software that’s installed on a computer without the user's knowledge or consent. Spyware is used to monitor user activity, track keystrokes, and even take control of computers. Many employees believe that their digital activity, time spent working at the keyboard, and non-working browsing habits are secretly being tracked.

Automated employee security software is NOT spyware. It’s there solely to manage cyber risk by improving digital behaviour and reducing employee generated security incidents. The results are excellent - in stark contrast to general security training that’s driven by compliance, rather than any real expectation of it making a difference.

Furthermore, if a company was going to implement employee spyware to check on levels of commitment and time spent working, it would hardly launch it to the workforce.

Collaborative Security Behaviour Development

Our culture led behavioural software operates above the line with overt participation from everyone in the organisation, including the Board, and it’s designed to create an on-going positive awareness of the importance of secure behaviour throughout the company.

We’ll help you dynamically identify and mitigate risky behaviours and mistakes before they turn into real incidents, by continuously monitoring the workforce’s interaction with your tech stack. And it’s important to realise that the more senior a person in an organisation, the more likely they are to be targeted by cyber criminals and bad actors.

A bottom-up approach identifies the departments and people posing the highest risk, and remedial action happens the moment risky behaviour occurs. Embedded ‘nudges’ in applications gently remind staff of correct behaviours in an emotional, real-life way – something that fictional training can never do, and newly learned skills help everyone in their business and personal lives.

Wider tools like phishing reporting buttons make it easy for staff to flag concerns; there are chat features that include employees in security conversations, and regular updates notify staff about security concerns and issues.

To aid learning and development, every employee has a live cyber risk score based on their digital behaviour. This can be publicised or not, based on company culture, and many organisations have found it a smart way to create a collaborative and competitive environment – with employees cherishing their security score.

System reporting features have numerous options that can be tailored to the way a company operates, all designed to have an on-going positive impact on employee behaviour.

Costly delays

If alarm bells are ringing about employee security in your organisation, then we highly recommend you take immediate action. A simple mistake by anyone in the company can have devastating consequences, and it’s all the more painful when business leaders realise that something could have been done to prevent and avert the attack.

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