Why Microsoft Teams remains such an effective modern workplace solution

by Iain Davidson, Head of Enterprise Product

Iain Davidson

Before 2020, it seems that the perception of Microsoft Teams, the company’s integrated modern workplace solution, was that it was reserved chiefly for calls with foreign investors, offices in other countries, and clients based far from the working environment. Then, the well-documented events of 2020 occurred, and here we are, with much of the world still working from their laptops in their home offices, reliant on the effectiveness and reliability of Microsoft’s built-in video communication application.

As businesses continue to proliferate the practice of working from home, Microsoft Teams is increasingly the conduit to effective business communications, allowing employees and clients to communicate professionally, wherever they are. In comparison to competitors such as Zoom, Teams stands out for its simplistic user interface and its outstanding synergy with other elements of the Office suite. Sending Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Excel spreadsheets has never been simpler than it is when communicating through Microsoft Teams.

Many of us are now very familiar with the chat function, which allows for seamless communication within organisations and the simple digital distribution of documents, without the need for countless emails.

Back-up your Teams data

Through Sure’s Teams Archiving product we also offer the ability to back up key data within Teams, including chat history, which has proved vital from a regulatory compliance point of view. The ability to view backed-up data is incredibly important when declaring matters for auditing purposes. Businesses dealing in high-value assets are regularly held accountable for deals involving significant sums of money, so the ability to refer to backed-up data from Teams calls and messages is crucial when proving the legitimacy of said deals to a regulator.

Other businesses benefit from the ability to use backed-up Teams data as proof of employee misdemeanours. The platform allows HR departments the clarity to make informed decisions relating to matters of employee misconduct, something that other video call platforms without backed-up data lack. Sure’s Teams archiving product thus offers a range of options for businesses of all sizes, significantly streamlining the ability to work effectively and hold people accountable.

Alongside back-ups is an enviable capacity for keeping data secure. The application comes with an appealing eco-system of cybersecurity partners, as well as the inherent levels of security that come with choosing a provider as large as Microsoft.

Security with Sure

When paired with Sure’s own on-island infrastructure, integrating a modern workplace solution like Microsoft Teams with the support of Sure Business couldn’t be safer.

We have invested heavily into advanced local data centres, ensuring that our clients’ data is kept close to home and in the most secure environment possible. This comes in addition to our offshore private and public cloud platform, keeping all our customers’ cloud data in an environment where it is highly protected against threats from cyber criminals. Large companies using Microsoft Teams to share sensitive internal information can thus rest assured that their data is very secure with us.

Microsoft Teams is just one of many modern workplace solutions offered by Sure Business, all of which are backed up by a highly engaged professional team with extensive experience, who provide bespoke advice tailored to meet the needs of your business. Whether you’re a Small Medium Enterprise or a multinational firm, Sure has the expertise and infrastructure to provide you with the best end-to-end ICT service possible.

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