What is Unified Communication?


Unified Communications (UC) provide business solutions that integrate and bring together all communication requirements, including telephony, video, audio conferencing, mobility, presence, messaging, email, and calendar features. UC transforms the way we work to a more collaborative and supportive environment where location is largely irrelevant, and work is something you do, not somewhere you go. Naming conventions for the services keep changing and some people refer to it as Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC), or simply Collaboration.

UC makes communication easier, and it’s especially useful for teamwork, as people collaborate together as though they are in the same room - operating in exactly the same way as those in the office, regardless of location.

How do Unified Communications Work?

UC solutions blend IP telephony, conferencing, and messaging services into fully featured communications platforms that are integrated with other IT business services. With equipment based in the cloud or on-premise, UC services can operate on the same infrastructure as other data applications such as Finance, HR, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and others.

With sunset dates looming for traditional PSTN and ISDN voice services, the move to internet-based Voice over IP (VoIP) communications is essential, and the ability to create end-to-end services that can extend to fully featured multi-channel contact centres is compelling.

Benefits of Unified Communications

UC tools save organisations time and money, boosting employee productivity, enhancing team morale, and giving all employees the opportunity to be the best possible versions of themselves. The ability to communicate easily with colleagues speeds up decision making and reduces delays in waiting for answers, guidance, and feedback.

Furthermore, bringing a team of people together on a video call saves cost and employee time travelling to a specific location, and meetings held over UC tend to be shorter with a greater focus on actions and results. UC deployments are much more efficient than legacy infrastructure, and operating costs are reduced as productivity soars. Investment in UC has an above average return on investment (ROI) and as the systems are largely software based, solutions are both adaptable and future proof.

The main components of Unified Communications are:

  • IP telephony. Voice over IP (VoIP). From simple calls and voicemail to fully featured, multi-channel contact centres operating both in the office and remotely.
  • Conferencing. Audio, video, and web services that operate securely both internally and with third parties.
  • Messaging and Presence. Efficient communication through the visibility of colleagues’ status, showing if they’re available, on a call, in a conference, or away from the desk.
  • Mobility. The integration of mobile phones into the telephony platform and dial plans, increasing workforce contactability.
  • Group / Hub working. Work teams and groups have channels with project information and access to shared documentation, keeping everyone up to date.
  • Network Infrastructure. To ensure a speedy ROI, UC services require a robust and secure networking and connectivity platform on which to operate, expand, and evolve.

Sure guarantees customers are provided with the very best UC services by working with leading global solution providers - including Cisco and Microsoft. We provide highly secure and advanced solutions across an extensive communications portfolio, and our Professional Services team helps organisations of all sizes plan, implement, and run UC solutions that are scaled and tailored to very specific requirements.

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Unified Communication Solutions

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