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It can be difficult to keep up with the fast evolution of the unseeable Cloud of digital data, making all our lives easier in the process. Fortunately, Sure Business stays abreast of all the latest Cloud developments to ensure our customers have access to the best technology on the market. That’s why in November, three of our team travelled to Barcelona, Spain to attend the VMWare Explore Conference.

VMWare Explore is the largest Cloud-focused conference in the world, and it attracts thousands of technology professionals every year. This year, Sure Business was represented by Head of Enterprise Solutions Iain Davidson, Head of Service Assurance Managed Service and PMO Steve Shellswell, and Cloud Services Manager Mark Jarvis.

Cloud is of course a vital part of our offering, from our Cloud Voice phone solution - which offers customers the ability to make calls from anywhere at any time from their handset or computer through the internet - to our extensive Cloud solutions. Our team were impressed by the level of versatile developments in Cloud software at VMWare Explore and were keen to see how we might implement them into our own offering.

Iain said: “the VMWare Explore Conference demonstrated how far Cloud services have come in such a short space of time. I was particularly fascinated by the Sovereign Cloud Summit, a great session which demonstrated how VMWare’s accreditation can add authenticity to Cloud providers and offer access to their exciting range of products. There are currently only 25 providers in the world of a Sovereign Cloud Solution, and I am making it my mission to add Sure Business to this list.”

“I was also interested by a demonstration of Project Monterey, a re-architecture of VMware’s Cloud foundation which takes advantage of DPUs (digital processing units) to free up precious server resources and bring key services like security closer to where applications run and operate. This is the next generation of infrastructure services and could well improve many Cloud solutions’ efficiency, performance, and security.”

Steve said: “Amazon Web Services are an interesting component of the Cloud suite that Sure Business could potentially implement in the future. VMWare demonstrated complete integration with AWS and migration is a relatively simple and smooth process. This software opens the potential for viewing Cloud data as a new cluster in vSphere, which would be a very exciting development.”

Mark said: “There was so much to be enthralled by at this year’s VMWare Explore Conference, but I was particularly interested in Zerto’s session around ransomware protection. We were shown a demo of Zerto’s continuous data protection software, with its unique always-on replication and journaling technology. The efficient recovery of applications following a breach means that companies can quickly resume operations. This is an exciting new piece of technology that the Cloud team will be keeping a close eye on.”

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