Supporting your business on its technological journey: a selection of Sure Business case studies

by Vince De La Mare, Head of Sales Guernsey

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Talking about the vast array of products and solutions Sure Business has to offer is a great way to demonstrate how forward thinking we are, with a finger firmly on the pulse in terms of new technology.

However, getting real businesses to talk about how our technology works for them in the day to day is, to me, a more effective way of demonstrating how our services keep organisations around the Bailiwick of Guernsey, Jersey, and the Isle of Man functioning. Here are a few case studies that highlight how Sure Business is keeping our island homes connected.

Cloud voice solutions combatting parish-based number requirements

Any business operating out of the islands knows what a pain it is to move premises, not least because of the change of phone number requirements. Moving parishes from Guernsey’s Castel to St. Peter Port, for example, requires a business to obtain a new phone number, meaning all clients, customers, and data banks with the current number must be updated, which can be time consuming and costly.

This is the situation one of our clients was recently in, but we were able to make it easy to move thanks to our Cloud Voice system. This software allows customers all the services of a landline phone and the ability to control it from their computer, anywhere in the world. As such, our client was able to keep their phone number, saving them an immense amount of hassle as well as upgrading to a new, remote-working-friendly cloud-based telephone system.

Air conditioning and data outages prove no issue with Sure Business

An interesting recent case involved a client whose data bank suffered a severe outage due to insufficient air conditioning to keep the systems cool. This resulted in the power going out, a potentially dangerous situation for the business’ cybersecurity. Fortunately, after this outage the prospective customer approached Sure Business and we were able to migrate their data into our advanced, highly maintained data centres.

This instance was demonstrative of what we strive for at Sure Business: for our customers to know that their technology ‘just works’. They should not have to worry about their digital concerns as a Sure Business client and can instead focus on running their business, safe in the knowledge that any issues will be picked up and fixed by our skilled engineers.

Transition to a more suitable and flexible Cloud solution

We recently engaged with a prospective customer who was having issues with their current provider, citing that they were looking for a more scalable service. Sure Business was immediately able to upscale their current offering by putting them on our ‘Enterprise Class’ internet service. This gave them a far faster and more reliable internet connection, taking care of their technological requirements and allowing them to get on with their day jobs and what they do best.

As organisations grow, they are required to become more corporate in their approach to infrastructure. As a result, sub-standard digital services will no longer be acceptable. Fortunately, Sure Business is on hand to help with this transition with the latest technology. For example, where typical office hardware requires an update every 3-5 years, Cloud infrastructure can be provided and supported by knowledgeable and highly skilled Sure cloud engineers, so you don’t have to worry about hardware refreshes or software upgrades.

This solution offered a recent client flexibility and saved time and revenue through a more efficient service. It is reflective of Sure’s wider ability to deliver services that makes life easier for our customers. Simply put, our products and solutions ‘just work’.

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