Providing the SME market with unmatched technological support

by Tim Ewing - Account Director Isle of Man

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Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the lifeblood of our local economy: businesses that create jobs, deliver expertise, and meet the needs of our island community. At Sure Business, we believe in supporting SMEs with the best possible integrated Information Communication Technology (ICT), to help them carry out their business using the latest technology

By partnering with Sure Business, a company essentially outsources its ICT needs to an expert team with extensive experience in delivering exceptional customer service. Outsourcing allows businesses of all sizes the ability to choose what products and solutions are best suited to their needs. The level of service is then scaled to meet our clients’ specific requirements as Sure is highly experienced in dealing with businesses small and large.

Our team is comprised of experts in their field, with specific skillsets designed to cater to the diverse needs of our many smaller clients. From supplying business mobile phones to the facilitation of business broadband, our team is made up of the most knowledgeable IT professionals the island has to offer. With our expert team at the helm, your digital needs are in safe hands as we work closely with all our clients to deliver the most suitable service for them.

Modern Workplace solutions have proven particularly popular with smaller organisations as infrastructure such as our Microsoft Teams add-ons makes an already excellent piece of software even more useful. For example, through Sure’s Teams Archiving, customers can back up chat logs and emails from within Teams. This tool not only keeps vital data safe and obtainable, but it also allows HR teams to resolve employee issues without it becoming a case of “he said, she said”.

Cloud solutions enable businesses to improve organisational performance with lower operating costs, migrating their data to Sure’s cloud services, safe in the knowledge that it is as secure as possible. We provide our customers with the means to keep their data in a safe environment through our advanced local data centres and offshore private and public cloud platform. For our clients, this means that companies of any size can keep their sensitive data with us worry free and focus on running their business.

Sure partners with only the most high-profile and well-regarded ICT providers such as Mimecast and Microsoft. Our strong partnerships allow us to deliver a full range of services and we make certain only to work with the most reliable ICT service providers, allowing our clients to feel confident that they are getting the most secure service possible.

Our clients can speak to the variety of our bespoke service, as we have delivered products and solutions ranging from improving the connectivity of a local venue to installing our Cloud voice system at a growing local business, a product which allows users to make calls over the Cloud from anywhere in the world.

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