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The importance of protecting intellectual property, systems and data cannot be overstated as damaging cyberattacks increasingly threaten the very survival of organisations.

Loss of reputation, information, and the crippling financial impact can be devastating. It’s the reason why cybersecurity and regulatory compliance are the leading concerns for C-suite decision makers today.

Identifying and nullifying direct attacks are at the core of the Protect stage in our 5-Pillar security framework, and by stopping an attack ‘dead in its tracks’ you are protected from negative ramifications on your reputation and brand that can be so damaging.

It’s also vitally important to ensure information doesn’t escape from within, either digitally or physically - through unauthorised data downloads and employee theft.

Our blueprint for effective security follows Government and National Cyber Security Centre guidelines, with a ‘best practice’ methodology for end-to-end protection and assurance.

In the Protect phase we deal with the essential protection of IT infrastructure, systems and information:

Dynamic Systems & Database Protection

Real time protection for critical infrastructure by detecting, alerting and taking immediate corrective action against a breach - and stopping an attack ‘dead in its tracks’.

Managed Firewall

We monitor network traffic, assess the live cyberthreat landscape, and provide round-the-clock management, support and protection for your network, systems and end-points.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

Advanced protection against criminal cyber extortion through dynamic threat detection at our network gateways where we identify and block malicious traffic.

Email Protection

More than 90% of cyberattacks infiltrate organisations via email, and our off-shore scanning, filtering, and backup services ensure your email systems are fully protected.

Advisory & Design

With extensive cyber security expertise, our specialist consultants will help you audit existing infrastructure and processes - identifying current vulnerabilities, and recommending and implementing robust security solutions that meet your exact requirements.

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