Microsoft Teams … so much more than just video calling

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Why Teams leads the workforce collaboration popularity stakes.

Complex, derelict organisational hierarchies have been replaced by flatter and more dynamic structures with an emphasis on collaborative teamwork that often extends beyond the organisation.

And with hybrid working the defining characteristic of modern organisations, collaborative solutions like Microsoft Teams are helping companies work in new ways to become more efficient and productive.

So, is Teams really a platform for genuine collaboration and what are the main benefits - or is it really nothing more than a video calling app?

Like most things, it starts with a chat

We’re all familiar with apps that enable quick conversations with colleagues. But Teams does much more:  Internal sharing of files and documents can be attached to a chat and remain security compliant, and employees can then make a voice or video call to discuss the content, or schedule a meeting without leaving the chat – along with direct access from the app to the full range of Office 365 applications.  

Arranging and managing meetings

Organising and managing meetings, projects and workstacks used to be time consuming and clunky. Agreeing dates, circulating agendas, briefings, and post meeting follow-ups used to take an age, and it all added to everyone’s already overloaded inboxes. 

Setting up a meeting in Teams is much easier. As soon as a meeting is created, the group can start chatting about the agenda. Files and documents can be shared within the group – and everyone knows where to find them in the future.

All meetings have the ability to be recorded immediately, a useful function for anyone who missed the call and for others who need to relisten to any part of the meeting. The recording, notes, background information and agreed actions are all together in the same place. Another great feature is the ability to set up the app to automatically produce live captions reducing the impact of sound quality issues during a meeting.

Fewer emails

Using Teams will reduce the number of emails that are sent and received by everyone – and that’s got to be a good thing. Conversations about projects and topics are now held in a structured way in your Teams, and there’s no longer a need for the barrage of emails that are sent to all and replied by everyone to all!  Conversation histories are in the Teams group chats, and if somebody needs to send you a document or ask you a question - that’s what Chat’s for!

Collaboration and communication – all in one place

Teams integration with the Office 365 environment means there’s no need to leave the app when you need to create or collaborate on a document. The Word, Excel or PowerPoint document can be created in Teams and immediately shared with colleagues - and then joint working, changes, and updates to all the shared docs are done instantaneously. There’s no need to circulate updated or different versions reducing the likelihood of confusion and frustration, as comments, changes and updates are made right there.

Always connected, anytime, anywhere … if needed!

It’s desirable to be connected wherever you are, with access to all information and resources. The Teams phone app enables immediate access to all apps and documents wherever you are – so long as you can connect, enabling easily responses to chats and conversations. Meetings can be joined with a single click and collaboration continues as normal keeping you in the loop wherever you are.  

It’s clear therefore that Teams offers so much more than just video calling and the Microsoft Office 365 platform is a core part most enterprise collaboration, security, and cloud strategies.

Companies with a teamwork ethos have been found to be five times more effective that those that don’t, and a recent Harvard Business Review reported that fostering close connections among teammates creates and supports a relatable workplace that lifts team performance, and Teams along with teamwork are both integral to successful modern workplaces. 

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