Insights into the latest small state telecommunication firms at TeleForum 2022

by By Cyrille Joffre, Chief Technology & Information Officer

CG21 APR 1060

For those unaware, TeleForum is the gathering of many (18 this year) telecom companies operating in small states. This ranges from companies operating in physically small territories - such as Sure in Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man, to large land masses with small populations, such as Iceland and Greenland.

One of the most frequent conversations was the ways in which Covid-19 has accelerated digital transformations. As we know, working from home has quickly become the norm and it was noted by colleagues from across the world that the impetus has been on telecommunications firms to install infrastructure that allows for the seamless integration of personal and work lives. Needless to say, our work driving the Guernsey Fibre project was a hot topic!

What was most exciting for Sure was the announcement that Guernsey will be the host of TeleForum 2023. This presents a fantastic opportunity to show off our island’s digital infrastructure and demonstrate how ahead of the curve Sure is in terms of rolling out island-wide deliveries such as Guernsey Fibre. It also ties into our partnership with the NatWest 2023 Island Games, where we will be technology partner and facilitate all the necessary digital requirements to make it the most-connected Games ever.

I am immensely proud that Guernsey will be centre stage at the next TeleForum. The honour is reflective of Sure Business’ enduring commitment to realising that the future is indeed now. 2023 promises to be a bumper digital year for Guernsey, and I’m pleased to say that it is down to the efforts of Sure.

Find out about Cyrille’s thoughts on current trends in the tech industry with his blog on the 2022 Mobile World Congress event

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