Highlights from Mobile World Congress 2022 Part 2

by Cyrille Joffre


Welcome to my second blog covering Mobile World Congress, one of the world’s biggest annual trade shows for the telecommunications industry. In addition to exciting developments in 5G technology, net zero emission targets, and efforts to improve global inclusion in technology, new devices and the bold new technology of the Metaverse demonstrated compelling developments in how consumers will interact with both hardware and the virtual space. If you haven’t already, I recommend reading my first blog to hear about key developments upcoming in the technology sector over the next few years.

Exciting new devices offer consumers greater choice

The range of new, high-tech devices on show at the MWC was staggering: from WiFi products to smartwatches to tablets to VR headsets, and advanced robots. Highlights included Samsung unveiling the Galaxy Book2 Pro and Pro, both of which will be excellent additions to Sure’s suite of exciting products.
Additionally, Huawei announced the MateBook E, the company’s first attempt at a Surface Pro-like 2-in-1 device, diversifying to the market and further choice for the customer when buying a 2-in-1 computer. TCL also showed off an array of foldable devices, including one that can be folded completely, with a 360-degree fold. These devices may come to rival Samsung’s Galaxy Flip and Fold portfolio, giving customers even more options.

The Metaverse rears its virtual head

Unsurprisingly, Meta’s namesake, the Metaverse was also front and centre at the show. Despite (or perhaps because of) significant ethical and accessibility concerns, the platform was the buzzword of the event. Meta used the occasion to announce the Metaverse Innovation Hub, a research centre in Madrid intended to help operators and partners get ready for metaverse applications.
Delivering products and services in the virtual reality space will vastly alter the way organisations do business if successful, and Sure is keeping a close eye on all Metaverse developments to ensure our territories stay up to date while only rolling out technology that is ethical, accessible, and safe.

Final thoughts

Along with these exciting and essential developments within the sector, a crucial takeaway was the importance of network infrastructure. The importance of owning network infrastructure was reinforced for a myriad of cloud, distributed, secure and software-based services. Owning infrastructure is at the heart of any trusted ecosystem around cybersecurity, data sovereignty, identity, fraud and payments. Every one of these elements are business crucial, which is why Sure’s managed infrastructure is so essential to the data security of our business clients.
The Mobile World Congress was yet again an exciting look at the coming innovations in the telecoms industry. I’m excited about Sure’s position within the industry, and how we continue to evolve to connect our customers with the most up-to-date technology and keep our Enterprise clients’ data safe with our powerful infrastructure.

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