Helping the Isle of Man’s businesses to excel through tech

by Tim Ewing, Account Director

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At Sure Business, we are dedicated to helping our local customers by upgrading and expanding on their technological infrastructure, providing them with the most up-to-date products and solutions on the market to save them hassle, money, and time.
Simply, our products and solutions make life easier for our customers and allow them to focus on running their business and serving their local communities.

They can rest easy knowing that their digital infrastructure ‘just works’ and is supported by leading partners in the tech industry including Microsoft and Mimecast. Our engineers work tirelessly to keep our clients’ products and solutions working seamlessly while myself and other Account Directors forge powerful relationships to get to the heart of our clients’ needs. Here are three examples of how we’ve improved the digital output of our clients on the Isle of Man.

Creating connections and simplifying communications for an engineering firm

Sure Business was approached by a local engineering firm which was having issues with its network and particularly struggled to streamline its communications between its two on-island sites. Accessing the same data banks, files, and networks was essential for this client, as both sites needed to be able to easily collaborate and input on major projects from physically distinct locations.
We installed a new VPN (Virtual Private Network) system, allowing both sites access to the same network, despite their physical distance. By partnering with Sure, the client also gained access to advanced Cisco firewalls, ensuring that data remains safe from the threat of cyber criminals, backed up by the latest in anti-cybercrime tech.

Saving essential costs for a local law firm

We were approached by a local law firm which was unhappy with its current ICT and telecoms offering and wanted to see if we could offer better products and solutions at a more affordable price.

Much to the client’s relief, Sure Business was able to save it hundreds of pounds per month. Where previously the law firm was paying for several handsets and the associated call tariffs that come with them, moving onto our Cloud Voice solution generated significant savings for the business. Additionally, we upgraded the client’s server with new software, implementing our Mimecast anti-cybercrime suite to ensure that its essential data remains as safe as possible.

Supporting an invaluable mental health organisation with APN and mobile solutions

Our Cloud Voice system once again proved why it remains such a popular solution, as we supported a mental health charity which acts as a refuge for local children who want to talk about their issues in a confidential environment. To make life much easier for the social workers providing this vital service, Sure provided our Cloud Voice solution to allow them to work from home, or indeed anywhere else, all while saving the charity considerable amounts of money.
Additionally, we installed a new APN (Access Point Name), giving the workers the ability to share documents and access the same files, no matter where they are. All these solutions demonstrate Sure Business’ ability to transform businesses and charities alike into modern workplaces, where the walls of the office don’t limit people’s ability to do their work.

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