Helping the Bailiwick’s businesses to excel through tech

by Fern Hill, Account Director

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At Sure Business, we are dedicated to helping our local customers by supporting them on their technological journey, providing them with the most up-to-date products and solutions on the market to save them hassle, money, and time.

Simply, our products and solutions make life easier for our business customers and allow them to focus on running their business and serving their local communities.

They can rest easy knowing that their digital infrastructure ‘just works’ and is supported by leading partners in the tech industry including Microsoft and Mimecast. Our engineers work tirelessly to keep our clients’ products and solutions working seamlessly while myself and other Account Directors forge powerful relationships to get to the heart of our clients’ needs. Here are three examples of how we’ve improved the digital output of clients on the Bailiwick:

Providing an exceptional service and well-priced handsets for a cost-conscious local building firm

Building relationships is at the core of what I offer as an Account Director, and I was pleased to get to know a local building firm well enough to understand its bespoke needs, both monetary and technological. Unsurprisingly given the cost-of-living crisis and supply issues, cost efficiency has become a common trend. As such, the client in question was mindful of its budget when looking to purchase handsets for its workforce.

We at Sure Business always seek to meet our clients’ needs and bear in mind budgetary constraints, delivering quality products and solutions without breaking the bank. In this case, we were able to supply a selection of handsets that allowed the workforce to stay in touch, while tailoring tariff packages based on the requirements of each staff member’s job. We once again demonstrated our flexibility and versatility, creating one happy client in the process.

Improving essential network infrastructure for a local hotel

In our digital age, a strong WiFi offering is expected by hotels of all sizes. One local hotel approached us as it was unhappy with its existing WiFi package and provider; the bandwidth was weak, and guests had noted how difficult it was to load even the most basic websites, let alone download content or take video calls.

Sure Business stepped in, offering the client a significantly faster internet package that would make sure its customers always had excellent WiFi connections. Not only was the client thrilled by the vast improvements made to the network, the hotel was amazed at how little it cost to upgrade to such a powerful broadband package. Honesty and transparency about budget and the products and solutions we offer helped us forge a strong working relationship with this happy client.

Supporting the growth of one of the island’s best-known estate agents

Despite the turbulent market, the powerful entrepreneurship of Guernsey’s businesses sees many firms continue to expand. As businesses grow, their need to scale obviously increases; we were able to facilitate adding an additional ten numbers to a rapidly expanding estate agent’s existing telecoms package, giving their staff access to the same brilliant Cloud Voice offering that the rest of the team enjoys at only a small cost to the business.

From providing handsets to completely reinvigorating a client’s network, Sure Business always strives to meet our clients’ needs, bearing in mind the impact of the economy and remaining budget conscious. We ensure local businesses continue to serve the island, unhampered by issues with their technology; that, they can leave to us.

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