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by Michael O’Donnell, Account Director

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At Sure Business, we are dedicated to helping our local customers by upgrading and expanding on their technological infrastructure, providing them with the most up-to-date products and solutions on the market to save them hassle, money, and time.

Tailoring a mobile package for a local ferry company

Sure Business entered into a tender bid to be the telecoms provider for one of Jersey’s most notable ferry companies. The firm was unhappy with its current mobile package provider and wanted a more tailored approach. After successfully winning the tender process, we got to work on understanding the client’s varied needs, recognising that the “one-size-fits-all” approach they had with their previous provider was not working.

We demonstrated our flexibility and versatile offering by providing the client with a tailored mobile package, offering its staff different tariff options as well as their choice of handset. Some members required roaming packages and other bolt-ons due to the client’s collaboration with its mainland UK staff and other onshore contacts. The customer expressed their gratitude, not only for the superior choice of products and solutions, but for Sure’s ability to listen and understand their requirements, and hold their hand through the onboarding process, ensuring they received an efficient, seamless transition onto our platform.

Ensuring one of the island’s key high-street legal firms has appropriate data protection software

In our increasingly digital data-driven world, legal firms of all sizes must be immensely careful with the data they handle. That was the context posed to us when we entered a dialogue with a well-known high-street legal firm which was looking to overhaul its cybersecurity and archiving infrastructure. The SME wanted to be able to get on with its day-to-day work without having to worry about the technical side of its data handling.

Sure Business prides itself on giving our SME customers the freedom to get on with what’s important while we handle their ICT requirements. We were able to implement new archiving solutions, using our partnership with Mimecast to deliver a data storage package that now keeps the client’s data as safe as possible, backed up by one of the most well-regarded cybersecurity providers on the market.

Working with a resort to provide revolutionary new communications and connections

Our final case study concerns a local self-catering resort which wanted to evolve the ways it communicated with customers using technology. To help them revolutionise their site, we established a central comms hub which had the ability to communicate with every room. We implemented our Mitel telephone system, unifying the phone network around the property and giving each customer the ability to easily get in touch with a member of staff from any room.

We backed this up with Cisco rooting, providing high-speed WiFi connections around the site, including the reception area.

These solutions reflect the versatility of Sure Business’ offering to the SME market. Whether you’re looking for a tailored selection of mobile packages or a complete network overhaul, we have the flexibility and expertise to give Jersey businesses access to the very best technology on the market.

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