Detecting and Nullifying Attacks

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Lack of in-house skills, and outdated cyber security solutions are the two fundamental reasons why organisations fail to spot and deal with cyber-attacks - and as consequence, cybercriminals continue to wreak havoc in the business community.

Research shows that over 60% of security incidents could have been stopped, had basic safeguards been implemented, and if alarm bells are ringing - a security review across the entire organisation might be urgently needed.

Sure’s 5-pillar blueprint for end-to-end security is aligned to Government best practice, and National Cyber Security Centre and Financial Services Commission guidelines. Implementing our structured process ensures business leaders are doing all they can to protect their organisation and customers from the consequences cybercrime.

Detecting malicious activity and taking immediate steps to nullify and remove the threat is the most impactful element of the framework, as nothing short of constant scrutiny and forensic surveillance across networks and systems will suffice.

Keeping ahead of the cybercrime threat is a massive challenge for in-house IT departments who have many other priorities to deal with. It's why a growing number of companies prefer to rely on managed security services, rather dealing with it internally.
In the Detect stage we cover the identification and removal a breach, including detailed reporting to support investigations and meet compliance requirements:

Detection and Response

Continuous and dynamic protection and mitigation against malicious cyber threats including automated defensive actions and real-time behavioural data analysis.

Intrusion Detection

24/7 monitoring - keeping your data and systems safe by alerting you to attacks on network and systems, malicious activity, and violations of behavioural policy.

Managed Threat Detection

Our security operations team protect your infrastructure and systems at all times, including threat intelligence reporting, data collection, and on-going risk analysis.

Security, Information and Event Management (SIEM)

SIEM solutions provide next-generation incident detection, along with detailed analytics and automated responses - ensuring informed, decisive action is taken promptly.

Advisory & Design

Our extensive ‘next generation’ security portfolio and team of specialists will help you implement the appropriate levels of protection and assurance for your organisation. We assess your existing security and processes, identifying vulnerabilities, and recommending enhanced services to meet your specific requirements.

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