Business Broadband - De-bunking the Myths

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Do companies really need Business Broadband?

Organisations must provide their workforce with easy and reliable access to systems and infrastructure for operational efficiency, and the explosion of cloud-based services over recent years is driving a continual demand for increased bandwidth and speed.

Advancements in technology continue at pace, and whilst domestic broadband services might have been adequate for many companies a few years ago, it’s no longer the case. Conversely, in the Enterprise sector, companies with dedicated private infrastructure may now be needlessly wasting their IT budgets, as fibre infrastructure continues to be roll out across the Channel Islands, and as a consequence, business broadband is fast becoming a preferred ‘middle ground’.

Costs are not much higher than domestic broadband services, but they’re considerably less than private infrastructure, and with proven, guaranteed levels of performance, it’s hardly surprising that companies are turning to Business Broadband.

So, what exactly is it, and how does it differ from home broadband?

What is Business Broadband?

Business broadband offers higher levels of performance than consumer options, as its specifically designed for use in business and professional environments. With a variety of bandwidth options, companies are able to run bandwidth hungry applications, download and upload large files much more quickly, and simultaneously use business class video, collaboration applications, and IP telephony services – all of which benefit employee productivity, and lower operating costs.

On-premise multi-user networks can be created, and companies have the option of a fixed IP address for employee remote access to servers, PCs, and cloud-based applications.

User bandwidth contention levels are much lower than regular broadband services, and ultra-fast download speeds of up to 1Gb remove any concerns about slow service. Furthermore, fibre business broadband is unaffected by bad weather or distance from an exchange.

End user business broadband hardware and equipment is far superior to consumer services, and at a network level, business traffic and performance is prioritised. And whilst consumer broadband may be appealing for smaller businesses, the technical support, service, and rapid response times in the event of a service affecting fault, are seen as key benefits for organisations in the digital economy.

With competitive rates, enhanced performance, and enterprise class service, Business Broadband is therefore an excellent alternative to both home broadband services and expensive dedicated, private infrastructure.

Why Sure for Business Broadband

Sure’s Business Broadband services benefit from the security and performance of one of the most technically advanced networks in the world. With diverse routing across the islands to the UK, France, and beyond, the network provides lightning-fast speeds, huge bandwidth, and strategically advantageous international connectivity directly onto the global internet backbone, through multiple partners, providing exceptional connectivity and reliability.

For smaller businesses, Broadband Pro is a cost effective, high performing broadband connection with the option of a fixed IP address for remote access, website and server hosting, and CCTV.

IP Feed provides larger organisations with permanently connected and symmetric internet connections for exclusive use, providing high-capacity access and business class SLAs, to support more demanding connectivity and e-business requirements.

Support is provided by our 24/7 service operation centre, and our team of specialist consultants are skilled in designing and optimising networking solutions, connectivity, and internet services.

Key Features

IP Feed

IP Feed offers an un-contended, symmetric, scalable and highly resilient internet service delivered over a private circuit connection to your business premises, or directly to your rack in one of Sure's data centres.

IP Feed provides a permanently connected symmetric internet connection that is dedicated exclusively for your use. It provides constant high capacity access to the internet together with a business class SLA, supporting your businesses connectivity and e-business requirements.

  • Scalable: variety of bandwidths available.
  • Resilient: internet services are connected to multiple global backbone providers.
  • Flexible: the option for 'burstable' bandwidth allows your internet service to use additional bandwidth during periods of unexpected activity.


Broadband Pro

For smaller businesses who need to keep costs low but need a higher performing broadband connection than our standard home broadband provides, Broadband Pro is an ideal solution.

It enables you to download and upload large files faster, or even build a small network, while giving you the peace-of-mind that your costs are controlled, as all usage is unlimited.  

  • Superior performance: lower contention available than home broadband (i.e. how much your internet connection is shared with other customers)
  • Optional fixed IP address: used for remote access to your PC, hosting a website or server or running CCTV. 
  • Business level support
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