Aligning Microsoft Teams to your Data Strategy

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It’s always claimed that an organisation’s most valuable asset is its people, but in our digital world, is that really the case anymore – and might data and information be about to take top spot?

And if data is becoming king, it must be easy to access by the right people, at that time who need to do something with it - both on an individual and a group basis.

Non-hierarchical teamworking and cross departmental projects continue on their steep growth curves, and ensuring information and data are easily available on a secure need-to-know basis is vital.

Data governance and regulatory compliance are major concerns for boardrooms the world over, and protection of valuable and sensitive business information is absolutely essential. All data strategy and cloud transformation programmes must have advanced security features at the heart of any project.

Microsoft Teams has become the global leading collaboration platform and it’s evolved to be so much more than just a messaging and video conferencing application. Fully immersive Teams environments house all manner of documents and data including chat messages and conversations histories, Microsoft 365 documentation, images, recordings, and voicemails - and in common with any data-rich application, it must be part of a data strategy and be backed up on a regular basis.

Advancements in working practices and security form an integrated lifecycle of continuous advancements that benefit everyone. Sure’s Microsoft ‘Teams Archiving’ and full-stack security portfolio protect all information and data, whilst supporting innovative and collaborative working, and our robust, resilient business continuity solutions keep you operational and protected in the event of a failure.

Bringing all of this together in a way that securely optimises workforce productivity, future proofs tech investment and control operating costs is core to our Professional Services expertise.

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