5-Pillar Blueprint for Effective Cybersecurity Protection

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Cybercrime and regulatory compliance are the top two boardroom concerns today, with ‘Mission Critical’ cybersecurity essential across the ever-expanding attack surface area.

Cybercrime and regulatory compliance are the top two boardroom concerns today, with ‘Mission Critical’ cybersecurity essential across the ever-expanding attack surface area.The impact of a serious incident will have ‘Code Red’ consequences, and of all the available cybercrime statistics, the fact that over 60% of breaches could have been avoided with basic safeguards in place is perhaps the most alarming!

The loss of data, revenue, and corporate reputation causes irreparable damage, with IT departments regularly adding additional security products in isolation, rather than taking a holistic view of their entire requirements.

Research in 2021 reported that 80% of organisations typically have sixteen or more security products from a variety of vendors, and C-suite executives should be concerned that the installation of multiple point products increases complexity and reduces effectiveness.

Our extensive portfolio with ‘Gartner Magic Quadrant’ global leading security partners offers a highly effective range of integrated security solutions covering:

  • Threat detection … spotting an attack before it takes hold.
  • Risk mitigation … immediately stopping and nullifying an attack.
  • Business continuity … keeping systems and staff operational and undisrupted.

Working to a 5-pillar blueprint that’s aligned to National Cyber Security Centre, Government, and Financial Services Commission guidelines - our framework provides ‘best practice’ guidance and hands-on support for end-to-end protection and assurance.

Based on a security ‘value-chain’ of stages including Identification, Protection, Detection, Response and Recovery - we ensure regulatory compliance through advanced protection of your data, services and systems.

Protecting your organisation’s reputation and brand is the positive outcome of effective cybersecurity, and our programme includes additional workforce awareness training in best behavioural practice and the latest issues and trends affecting the marketplace.Our Advisory and Design experts audit infrastructure and processes to identify risks and vulnerabilities – recommending and implementing robust security measures to meet your exact requirements.

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Identification of the risks in current protection arrangements. Understanding what needs to be protected, and the best ways to achieve it.


Protection across all areas of vulnerability, stopping in-bound threats and ensuring no information leaks out of the organisation.


Nullify attacks and remain operationally unaffected with seamless business continuity failover to a replicated secure system with no loss of service or data.


Detecting malicious activity and immediately removing the threat through constant scrutiny of all activity with best practice multi-factor authentication of all connecting devices.


System ‘rewind & reset’ to a point just before the incident with our business continuity ‘Recovery-as-a-Service’ (RaaS), plus investigation and identification of any additional security requirements that may be required.

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