Why a Cyber Security strategy is essential

Malcolm Mason – Our Cloud, Security, and data expert discusses why having a cybersecurity strategy is essential

As digital transformations and cloud technologies continue to evolve, so does the cyber threat landscape and challenges of securing infrastructure, systems, and data across an ever-increasing threat of an attack.

The realisation that legacy in-house systems are less secure than tier 1 datacentre and cloud services has prompted IT leaders to move to the cloud for enhanced security protection and wider benefits including scalability and flexibility.

The moving of workloads to the cloud requires serious planning and it’s likely that some existing systems and applications may not be cloud native and will therefore require special attention.

Blending cloud services into hybrid cloud infrastructures has become the norm as IT departments and service providers create tailored platforms to meet diverse organisational needs.

Non-native cloud applications need to be replaced by cloud friendly alternatives – which require a complicated array of intrinsically linked technologies with tailored integrations.

Cloud application stacks and the term ‘full-stack’ security is now commonplace - as all the elements of a cloud deployment are potential targets for cybercriminals. It’s essential therefore that enterprises partner with cloud and security providers who offer protection and business continuity across the entire infrastructure and threat surface area.

The two most important questions for IT leaders planning digital transformations are:

  1. Who are the companies providing the most effective security and risk mitigation services for today’s cloud-based infrastructures?
  2. What are the essential service requirements that will ensure our security and business continuity risks are minimised?

To meet growing security expectations, service provider eco systems have been expanding and partnerships with leading security organisations have been formalised.  As such, we’ve seen the emergence of ‘full-stack’ security propositions that protect against all areas of cybercrime.

Sure Business provides a full range of datacentre and cloud services - including co-location, dedicated infrastructure, private and public cloud services, and integration with leading public cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google.

We compliment our cloud services with a security portfolio that’s fully integrated throughout our resilient, state-of-the-art Channel Island infrastructure and service platforms.

Security is built into everything we do, and our managed and modular services include:

  • 24x365 infrastructure monitoring and dynamic protection.
  • Threat detection, remediation, traffic profiling and real-time security support.
  • Email, web and brand security protection and assurance.
  • Testing services from perimeter to code, addressing security and compliance requirements
  • Consulting and Professional Services, enabling you to understand where to focus to mitigate risks
  • A full suite of Managed Security Services offering endpoint to server protection irrespective of application and data locality
  • Protection inside, at the perimeter and outside your perimeter.
  • Intelligent state-of-the-art global connectivity that spots, scrubs and blocks malicious traffic bound for your network.
  • Recovery-as-a-Service with continuous back-up and data protection.

 The speed of innovation, scale and complexity of modern deployments and the use of anywhere cloud architectures must stay ahead of sophisticated threats from cyberspace. Nothing stands still, and it’s essential to work with a technology partner that has all bases covered.

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