Time to Take a Fresh Look at Voice Services

A massive transformation in the way we communicate has taken place in recent years, brought about by a new wave of services that we take for granted today. As the younger generation were given their first mobiles in the 90s and noughties, they immediately adopted texting as the coolest and best way to communicate. Social media then took the floor with messaging options that included video calling, and finally it seems WhatsApp has won the day, becoming the current de-facto communication app … that is of course until something better comes along!
In business, Unified Communications with collaborative messaging, presence, conferencing, video, screen and file sharing applications have all matured to meet our need for increased flexible working, and the desk phone is far less prominent than it used to be.

Digital transformations in business and at home move at an incredible pace, underpinned and driven by continuous advancements in networking and cloud services. In the workplace, web-based applications have replaced legacy in-house systems and the ease of implementation and extensive collaborative benefits are a major benefit.
From a customer service perspective, the digital age has enabled people to communicate with companies in new ways, and many people now prefer to use non-voice methods as their first method of contact.

In the vast majority of cases, people immediately pick up the phone if their initial enquiry isn’t dealt with satisfactorily, and voice is the preferred second option for everyone in the digital generation. Far from being yesterday’s technology, voice is still a vital customer communication channel, and it’s been a wake-up call for companies who had overlooked the benefits of telephony in their digital transformation programmes.
In the near future we’ll reach a sunset date for traditional landline (PSTN & ISDN) services, and organisations needing to integrate voice with their cloud-based infrastructure would be well advised to take action now.

The reliability, security and cost advantages of Voice over IP (VoIP) services are compelling, and its why telephony should be an integral part of all technology transformation strategies.

Cloud VoIP services have all the functionality of traditional voice systems with advanced features and flexibility that enable companies to manage and scale their telephony to meet changing customer demands. Furthermore, using a single platform for data and voice traffic is both productive and commercially advantageous.
Enhanced business continuity and security options complete the picture, providing assurance and protection from system downtime and the escalating threats from cyberspace.

With no in-house equipment to maintain, and all the call-handling and system functionality managed by the service provider … now really is the time to explore Cloud Voice.

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