Enterprise Customer Escalation

Please note this procedure is for Enterprise Customers, Partners & Customer IT Departments ONLY (i.e. for services such as Managed Service, Data Centre, Sure Core Network, IP Feeds, point-to-point). Please click here if you are looking for general contact information.

When to escalate

We strive to achieve a resolution for our customers within their contracted Service Levels. However, we understand that there may be times when our customers wish to escalate an ongoing incident, and for this purpose only the SOC has a 5-level escalation process.

We use a time based escalation process that also recognises the priority category of the issue. Please use the diagram on page 7 to determine the appropriate level and contact, noting that the minimum time must have first elapsed.

Initiating an escalation

To initiate an escalation, after you have used the diagram to determine the appropriate level and contact, please call the SOC on +441534752310 and ask to escalate to the appropriate level, or download this Enterprise Customer Support PDF for full escalation points' contact details.

Please note that only those enterprise customers' contacts registered with Sure are permitted to escalate, for security reasons.