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Sure is here to support your business. As a provider of critical infrastructure across the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man it is our mission to deliver solutions that enable local businesses to thrive in today’s global marketplace. With all businesses currently facing challenging times and new ways of working and managing the workforce this is even more relevant.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic we have developed a number of initiatives to support Sure business customers as well as businesses looking to move to Sure.

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Sure business mobile customers

We want to ensure we are supporting our business customers during these challenging times and understand that one of the critical elements of remote working is managing your business mobile tariffs efficiently as possible. We have made some changes to our current business plans in order to support our customers ensure you are managing your businesses communication costs as efficiently as possible.

Flexible tariff upgrade

If your business and employees are using your allocated tariff data or minutes faster than usual with increased home working, we can move you to a flexible tariff upgrade plan which will give you more data and minutes to help you through these challenging times. Contact your account manager to discuss the best option available to you or email us at and we will call you to talk through the options available.

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Save on international & national calls

Before COVID-19 you made your international and national calls from your office phone lines, however, in these restricted times you may find your company making more calls from mobile phones.  Sure’s Home Booster is an add-on call booster that helps reduce your per minute call rates to international and national numbers by up to 85%. Find out how your business can benefit by contacting your account manager or emailing us at

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Save with additional call minutes bundle

If you are using the local and UK minutes included on your business plan faster than usual while working from home, you run the risk of incurring additional call charges. You can now add one of our new mobile minutes boosters which will give you an additional 5,000 minutes on top of your existing plan. The additional minutes are valid for a full calendar month so its a great solution during lockdown if you are using your mobile more than you normally would.    

Find out how your business can benefit by contacting your account manager or emailing us at

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