Watch our recent email security 3.0 webinar back on demand. Learn how to implement an email security strategy that is right for your business.

Email Security 3.0 Webinar

David Tweedale and Callum Noad, from our global leading security partner Mimecast provide a session that focuses on protecting outside of your traditional network perimeter and introduce Mimecast's Zone 3 products DMARC Analyzer and Brand Exploit Protect. Showcasing how these tools can: 

  • Protect your domains from spoofing
  • Stop the misuse of your brand by fake websites and lookalike domains
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 Our Mimecast Solutions protect organisations …

Inside & At your Perimeter

  • Threat remediation, multi-layered inspection of internal & outbound email.
  • Best in class email security with protection against targeted attacks.
  • Award-winning awareness training.

Outside your Perimeter

  • Protection against web domain spoofing, brand imitation, and email abuse.
  • Rapid identification and remediation of live attacks.

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