Office 365 Security

Sure’s Mimecast service provides world leading resilience and protection for Microsoft Office 365, where security gaps and single vendor vulnerabilities exist.


Microsoft Office 365 is used by over a million companies worldwide and has in excess of 180 million users; it’s the world’s leading business cloud service, and with organisations migrating in droves from legacy on-premises infrastructure to cloud services - its future is assured.  

On the surface, Office 365 appears to be resilient and cost effective, ticking all the security boxes. But in common with many single vendor services there are some clearly defined risks.

The platform’s popularity and the huge number of organisations using the service, makes it a ‘high-value’ target for cybercriminals.

Relying solely on O365’s resilience and built-in protection isn’t enough for many organisations, and a more robust cyber security strategy is needed to protect systems and data from malicious attack, technology failure downtime, and human error.

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Mimecast Solutions

Cybersecurity risks

New email security threats emerge daily, and a single solution won’t catch them all. Office 365 has only a single security layer on a single domain, and hybrid Office 365 email deployments may lack the security protection they need. Our dynamic, layered security services will protect your systems and information from the ongoing, and ever evolving threats from cyberspace.

Data Archiving Vulnerabilities

Although Microsoft stores multiple copies of data, they all reside in the same platform, creating a single point of failure. Data loss or damage could go undetected for an extended period of time and the system cannot control administrators, users, or cybercriminals. A plan is needed to archive and recover the information that must not be lost. Only by layering in a third-party cloud archive can you provide the best possible protection for your data.

Business Continuity Challenges

Your corporate email system is dependent on Office 365, and various aspects of the platform go offline on a regular basis. Your operational business continuity will be affected by technical regional outages, maintenance and authentication issues with Microsoft Azure. Long periods of downtime without archive access can seriously affect your administrative operations. Having a layered third party cloud solution is the only way to ensure business continuity for ongoing email and messaging, with access to your securely resilient archived information.

Advisory & Design

Our cyber security experts, backed by our solutions will protect you from any current single vendor risk, and we’ll help you plan your move to Office 365 and other cloud services with reduced risk, resilience and business continuity assurance.

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