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Cyber crime is set to cost $1trillion annually by 2021 and there have been a number of well publicised security breaches and losses of sensitive data from well-known brands. GDPR infringements carry heavy penalties of up to €20m. Legislation from the UK, EU and the USA is demanding greater corporate responsibility. In some cases it has already led to the interception and seizure of data, which is why protecting your customer's data in an offshore data centre can be a smart move.

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Trustwave Managed Security

Sure has partnered with Trustwave, a leading managed security and cybersecurity service provider to exclusively offer Trustwave’s full suite of security services.

DDoS Protected Hosting

Our dedicated DDoS platform maximises the protection that our clients and networks need.

Mimecast Offshore Email & Web Security

Mimecast cloud security will safeguard your email and web services from cyber-attack. The resilient off-shore service protects organisations from external threats at the perimeter and deals with security issues on the inside - keeping things running and guarding against data loss and disruption.

Mimecast Awareness Training

The theft of sensitive data, customer information and intellectual property can seriously damage a business’s reputation. Mimecast’s coaching programme embeds industry leading security practices across your organisation, reducing the risk of human error - the cause of over 90% of cyber security breaches.

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