The rapid maturity of cloud computing provides a compelling business case for sustainable and efficient business operations.

Our checklist walks you through the steps to assess, plan, and begin your cloud migration…

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Develop your Business Case

  • Build a compelling financial rationale with current & future objectives at the core.
  • Undertake cost evaluations, budgets, KPI development & measurable benefits assessment.
  • Utilise cloud providers to help with planning and business case creation.

System Assessment & Inventory of Assets

  • Evaluate cloud suitability of legacy workloads, applications & systems.
  • Identify best approach for existing assets, ensuring desired outcome is attainable.
  • Data governance must be considered for regulation and compliance requirements.

Cloud Options & Architectures

  • Review extent to which current workloads are ‘cloud native’.
  • Assess blended cloud options of Private, Public, Hybrid, & Multi cloud.
  • Map cloud options with any data sensitivity, compliance, and security imperatives.

Choose your Cloud Services Provider

  • Review cloud partner capabilities from planning to execution & on-going support.
  • Consider their technology portfolio & eco-system of partner services.
  • Providers are not all the same, undertake a deep dive into all aspects of claimed capability.

Plan, Prioritise & Test

  • Jointly develop a plan that clearly defines ownership and areas of responsibility.
  • Security business continuity & disaster recovery essential.
  • Ensure migration and process go through non-live testing first to minimise disruption.

Execution, Communication & Training

  • At all points - update everyone with senior-led communication.
  • Train & support staff for any operational working changes.
  • Continuously monitor the usage of resources to further cost optimise the IT environment.

The benefits of cloud extend to all areas of business operations, and the planning and developing of cloud services to support specific business imperatives and future needs is essential. Evolution rather than revolution, is the recommended approach, with careful assessment and planning to identify and deploy the most appropriate cloud services.

Our Professional Services teams ensure customer migration projects are successful, future-proof and aligned with business objectives.

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Download Cloud Checklist

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