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5G is the transformational next generation of mobile technology providing faster data speeds, improved connections and better coverage.

One of the biggest opportunities for 5G is its potential to transform businesses. 5G is more than connectivity, it has the potential to innovate every sector it touches.

We’re hugely optimistic about the potential of 5G and how it could help the islands continue to thrive in an increasingly digital future. We want the islands to be at the forefront of the latest digital developments and are committed to building the most powerful 5G network in the Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

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The digital future

It’s the more futuristic elements of 5G technology that are attracting headlines; smart healthcare, drone application and driverless cars have all captured the media’s interest and the public imagination. This new technology has the power to connect buildings, transport and services in ways we’ve never seen, completely revolutionising everything from the way traffic flows on our roads, to the way we receive health care.

Fast, reliable, wireless connections will become the norm with 5G and, more importantly, those connections are going to be everywhere. 5G will provide multi-gigabit speeds as standard so it will be like everyone has their own personal fibre broadband connection. 5G will support more connections, more devices and more people on our network.

Transforming Business

Increased speed

Smaller busineses will be able to benefit from greater speeds without the need for industrial-level broadband connections. 5G will replace broadband services as we know them, but this is only the first phase of the technology’s development. 

Rich, complex information will be available at greater speeds. Faster speeds are the result of greater data transmission rates, or throughput. Throughput refers to the amount of data transmitted and is measured in megabytes or gigabytes per second (Mbps, Gbps). It is anticipated that 5G will enable a throughput of 10Gbps – a huge increase from 4G and a change that will result in multi-gigabit connections being standard. This is faster than most typical fibre connections. Those speeds, combined with lowered latency, will have far-reaching effects on every sector.

Emerging technologies

In the future, 5G will be able to connect huge numbers of devices and handle huge amounts of data, allowing us to capture data and apply AI and machine learning to it in near real time.

AR and VR applications can work seamlessly. Industrial machinery and robotics can be controlled remotely. Feature-length HD movies can be downloaded faster than you can read this sentence.

Supply-chain evolution

In a 5G-powered tomorrow, entire supply chains can be fundamentally reshaped.

With its gigabit speeds and unprecedented response times, 5G will make driverless cars, cloud-connected traffic control and other applications that depend on instantaneous response and data analysis live up to their potential. 

From ehealthcare to drone deliveries and smart energy solutions to next-level gaming, the possibilities are limitless.

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Sure launches 5G trial in the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man

Sure has begun trialling 5G mobile technology in the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

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